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Connect the Nations
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Connecting  people to God and to each other
around the world

Who we are

Connect the Nations is an English-based international online community for people seeking to know God and connect to others on the same journey. We offer FREE English conversation classes for intermediate to advanced-level English speakers. Our free online English Bible studies, classes, and fellowship allow non-native English speakers to practice speaking, listening and reading English while learning more about God and the Bible.


Our E2T2 (E-two-T-two) English-through-the-Bible curriculum covers a wide variety of conversation topics, but we also offer other events like informal Conversation Parties and Prayer Times so you can share more about your personal life and learn about the lives of others from different countries.


Make friends and share your experience with people from around the world through our live Zoom classes and Zoom fellowship. Through Connect the Nations, you can enjoy practicing English or simply making friends from other countries also seeking to connect with God. 


Native English speakers are welcome to join! 

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Our free E2T2 Bible-based study series is designed to meet you where you are on your journey to God with four distinct steps along the way:







With a variety of studies, E2T2 offers handouts with discussion questions that you can download or share with friends. At the end of each lesson, you can join our free online Zoom class to discuss what you learned and ask questions. Every lesson provides opportunities for non-native English speakers to practice reading and writing English, while learning new English vocabulary.

            Connect curriculum: E2T2                    





Join a
Connect Class

Connect the Nations offers one or more E2T2    Zoom classes each semester  that you can take online with friends from across the globe. Class handouts are free and found under each Explore, Experience, Transform, or Testify section of our website. During class, you can practice your English speaking and listening skills by sharing your thoughts and ideas.

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Learn by yourself
or with friends

The E2T2 studies are free to download for yourself or to share with friends, either one-on-one or in a small group. Schools, churches, and organizations are also free to download our studies for educational purposes or use our website for free online access to our materials.

Studying Together

Teach a
Connect Class

Volunteer with Connect the Nations!

Connect the Nations classes and content are free to use for educational purposes. Anyone can become a Connect the Nations instructor! You can teach in your local church or community, or you can use internet-based platforms to teach online and reach people around the world with Connect the Nations.


If you wish to teach locally, feel free to post your classes at your local library, schools, or churches to find students. You can even share these classes with friends or your local Bible study groups. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you on your journey of teaching Connect the Nations!

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