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        E2T2 Studies

What is E2T2

E2T2 is a free study curriculum that meets you where you are on your spiritual journey. Whether you want to Explore God, Experience Him more in your life, be Transformed by His power, or Testify to others about your spiritual story, E2T2 offers engaging study guides for you to share with friends and experience though the online Connect Classroom.

All E2T2 studies written by Connect the Nations are

translatable, transferable, downloadable, and replicable.

Explore Category


Do you have questions like, Who is God? Is the Bible reliable? Did Jesus really exist? Check out our studies and online classes that explore questions like these, and connect with others seeking answers.

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Do you want to grow in your prayer life, experience God through worship and relationships, or connect with God through His Word? Check out our studies and online classes designed to help you experience more of

God's power in your life.


Do you desire deeper friendships, a better marriage or dating life, stronger relationships at work or school? Do you long for a more meaningful purpose? Let these studies transform your life in ways you never thought possible.

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Do you have a God story to tell about yourself or someone else? Do you want to learn how to share your story and God's Word with others? Check out these studies and classes to help you share your stories about God and be inspired by the life-changing stories of others.

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