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        Classes & Events

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What are            classes & events? 


Connect the Nations offers events and free           classes that you can join through Zoom. Through the year, we will be hosting all kinds of events and Explore, Experience, Transform, or Testify classes to help you grow on your spiritual journey while making international friends. These free English conversation classes and events allow you to practice your English-speaking skills and share your experiences with people from around the world! 


Join a class anytime!

You do not have to complete previous lessons to join a new class

Classes 5 minutes prior to start time
Classes close 15 minutes after start time


Click once
for Zoom details

Class Schedule

Vacation at the Beach
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Connect the Nations


August - September

Each year, Connect the Nations takes time
in August and September
to rest, write studies, and plan
for the next season!

We still want to hear from you and connect!
So, please feel to reach out any time.

Are the Connect the Nations classes too advanced?

Try starting with the TalkEnglish Program!

Go to to get started.

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