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Relationship Success

Class Instructions


Click the PDF handout you want to open. 

Complete the studies and homework.

Write your answers on the handout or in a journal.

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Listen to Dr. Jim Tucker
With a PhD in Christian counseling and psychology, Dr. Jim Tucker
speaks around the world about how to have successful relationships.
Dr. Tucker's teachings can powerfully impact your relationships
at home, in the workplace, among friends, or wherever you are!

Learn more about Jim Tucker at

This course follows Dr. Tucker's Relationship Success class audio.
Please read the lessons while listening to the audio, or just listen and answer the questions.

00:00 / 21:15

1 - Bless Those Who Curse You

00:00 / 20:02

4 - Confront and Forgive

00:00 / 18:03

2 - Respond with the Opposite Spirit

00:00 / 29:22

3 - Choose Words that Build Up

00:00 / 21:36

5 - Reconcile Sincerely

Recommended Movie: Paddington 1 & 2, starring Ben Wishaw (for fun!)

Recommended Music: Build My Life, by House Fires

Class Tools

Class Tools

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