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Share a Testimony

Do you have a Jesus story to tell?

Have you or someone you know experienced miracles? Have you had spiritual encounters with Jesus, angels, or other situations that were only possible through God? Were you transformed through the power of the Bible? Did you come to know Christ in a special or supernatural way? Have you had any powerful spiritual dreams or visions that increased your faith in Jesus or the Bible? Do you have some other faith story to tell?

Please share your testimony with us and others around the world!

We do not accept attachments.

May we post / share your story on our website or during classes?

Testimony Terms: All testimonies will be edited for proper English, length, relevance, and quality of content without intentionally changing the essence or intent of your story. Your first name or nickname along with your testimony will be posted on our site with your permission. We may add a picture to be posted with the testimony that we select. We do not accept photos or attachments through this site. All Terms associated with this site apply to the submission and posting of testimonies. Testimonies that do not meet these terms will not be posted. Receipt of your submission is not a guarantee that the story will be posted or shared publicly. Submitting this form gives us permission to contact you in the future regarding classes, events, and other site-related information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your story!

We are excited to hear more about how God is working around the world.

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