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Meet the Team

Mary Snow completed her Bachelors of Arts degree at New York University and her Masters degree in Liberal Arts with concentrated coursework in English and History at Southern Methodist University. Her final project focused on the development of educational strategies targeting multiple cross-hemispheric brain centers. Mary has been teaching English to national and international students since 1999 and teaching the Bible since 1987. Connect the Nations combines her passions: teaching English, sharing the Bible, and making international and local friends!

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International Program Director

I have always had a heart for international students and culture. Developing and teaching in the Connect the Nations has allowed me to marry my greatest passions: education, international relations, and my faith in Jesus. I am extremely grateful for friends who shared the Gospel with me in college. This experience unfolded a powerful and meaningful design for my life: serving international communities locally and abroad beyond the acclaims of education, while witnessing life-impacting transformations in the lives of students through a simple message of God's love.

Alex Moura is completing his degree in English / Portuguese linguistics at Unioeste (Western Paraná State University) and has been involved in teaching English and facilitating English language learning groups since 2020. Alex is a certified member of a Maxwell Leadership Team that equipped him to teach and train in personal development and leadership. In 2022, he began his English ministry, which involves teaching English through the Bible and helping English learners improve their skills in reading, speaking, listening, and writing. While he continues to teach and tutor in the Connect the Nations and program, he is pursuing his TESOL certification to strengthen his English teaching skills.


International Instructor

It's such an amazing opportunity to serve international students and learn from them. I have always loved connecting with people from different nations and cultures. Being an instructor with Connect the Nations as has opened new ways to grow and connect with people from around the world. Through this program, I am able to live out my passion: helping people with their education. This program has also allowed me to share my faith, another passion. I feel extremely happy walking with Jesus Christ while teaching English through the Bible.

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