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Lebanese pastor miraculously rescues refugees

Updated: Jan 23

In 2006, Chady El Aouad, pastor in Beirut, Lebanon, resided thirty minutes from the Syrian border. When Israel invaded southern Lebanon, approximately one million Lebanese were displaced. When Pastor Chady saw the women and children fleeing the violence, he and his Christian friend got into his car and drove down to southern Lebanon. They began picking up refugees from the side of the road who were fleeing the fighting and offered to take them to safety. He drove for thirty-six days, all day, back and forth, hundreds and hundreds of kilometers to save as many refugees as possible. All of the gas stations were closed because of the war, but Pastor Chady kept driving by faith saying, “Lord, help me.” Finally, when he and his friend saw the first gas station that had opened after the war, his friend went to put gas in the car. He put the gas nozzle into the tank, squeezed it, and gasoline gushed out because the tank was still full! Hallelujah! What a miracle.


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