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Man from El Salvador healed of neck pain

Updated: Jan 23

An old friend of ours, Juan, came to church for a second time and stayed after the service to fellowship with us. He was so happy to see us, and we were, of course, so happy to see him as well, but he looked a little uncomfortable. He proceeded to tell us that he’d recently had surgery in his neck for thyroid cancer. While the cancer was completely removed, Juan had trouble turning his neck from side to side or all the way back (only halfway), and he had some pain and severe tightness as well. Some movements also required him to shrug his shoulders, which we saw him do often during our conversation. We asked Juan if we could pray for him.  


We followed some of the prayer elements that we've learned from Randy Clark and Bill Johnson’s healing books, which have been very helpful for us in learning about healing. After a couple of minutes praying, we asked Juan to move his head backward. Juan tested his limitations and was able to move his head all the way back and side to side without pain. We praised Jesus for his healing! 


That week, we invited Juan and his family over for dinner. As we talked all the night until midnight, reminiscing about old times, sharing struggles, and encouraging one another with the goodness of God, we watched Juan as his head moved all over the place with no trouble! And he was still able to move his head all the way back. He was so relaxed and all of his pain was gone. Juan said that he had seen Jesus do miracles in his life in the area of inner healing, but he’d never experienced a physical miracle. We were so excited to be a part of what Jesus did for Juan and look forward to the more that God has for him! 

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