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Man in Iran is raised from a coma

I met my Afghani friend in 2016 when our church was reaching out to refugees in the neighborhood. The first team went out asking how the church could pray for them, and the second team returned to those who were open to someone following up with their request. I was on the second team and knocked on the door of a couple, whose wife’s name was Mahsa. We prayed for many specific things over Mahsa’s life, and Jesus answered every one of them. Mahsa’s friend from Iran called her one day to ask Mahsa to pray for her. The young woman wanted to be married; however, her grandfather was sick with brain tumors and had been in a coma for two weeks. She wanted Mahsa to pray for him to wake up so that the couple could get married, and he could attend the wedding. Mahsa replied, “I will pray for you, but I know someone who can really pray! I will talk to her.” Mahsa told me the story, and I could sense the anticipation in her hear that Jesus would do something for her friend. I said to her, “I will pray to Jesus. But when he answers, just know that it is Jesus who answered you. I have nothing to do with it. He will answer your prayer.” It was a Thursday, and I told Mahsa that we would pray for Jesus to raise the man by Sunday. Saturday, he was raised! The man became well enough to attend his granddaughters wedding. Despite our continued prayers to Jesus, the man passed away three months later.


We praise Jesus for his mercy and his will!

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