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Muslim child receives a vision of heaven

Updated: Jan 23

Almira grew up in a Muslim home in a country where following Jesus is illegal. When she was still a child, her father became a believer in Jesus, but her mother was still a Muslim. Her father loved to read the Bible and would sit in the living room reading. One day, he was reading aloud in the book of John, one of the Gospels that tells the stories of Jesus. Almira walked into the room and began listening to the words her father was reading. These words touched her heart in such a powerful way that she thought to herself, “These are the words of God! What book is he reading?”


At once, Almira went into a vision. She saw the ceiling of the living room open, and before her was heaven in all its glory. She saw the colors and its beauty, and the golden light of God came down like a beam through the ceiling, filling the room. Almira rested in this vision as she listened to the words of God. She became a believer in Jesus, and her father taught her the Word of the Lord. Almira began attending church with her father and started serving in the church, learning everything she could about Jesus and the Bible. After many years, her mother experienced a miracle as well, and she became a follower of Jesus!


When Almira got older, she moved to another Muslim country where she was able to serve the Lord more freely. There she met her husband, and they were able to serve the Lord together. Today, they are disciplers and church planters inside Muslim countries where the Gospel is forbidden. They have devoted their entire lives to helping people, marriages, and families to grow in knowledge and love for the Lord. Praise God for his power, love, and grace over us!


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