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Christian interferes with Buddhist spiritism

Updated: Jan 23

From time to time during our Connect the Nations classes, we solicit testimonies that people have heard or experienced. One student from China, Chén, told a story about his faithful Christian grandfather Háo. One day, Háo was visiting a Buddhist temple, not as a worshiper, but just as a visitor. At the time, a group of Buddhists were calling upon the spirits to speak to them and perform miracles among them, as Háo stood by to watch. But nothing was happening. The Buddhist monks and priests tried different ways to stir the spirits, but still nothing. Finally, they called out to the crowd, “Is there a Christian here? If so, you must leave!” Even the Buddhist leaders knew the power of a Christian and that even his or her presence would interfere with their demonic spiritual activities. Bravely, Háo stood up and left the crowd, but with even greater faith than he had when he entered the Buddhist temple!


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