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Muslim family's miraculous escape from Afghanistan

In 2021, the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. We received notice that one young Christian woman was shot in the leg and left without hospital care because she was wearing her hijab “in the wrong way.” Others were met by the Taliban banging on their doors, searching their homes, and demanding food. Many lost homes, jobs, and husbands escaping the country to provide for their families. Yet, women and children were left without food and living in fear for their lives. Churches collapsed as Christians were forced into hiding. One story came to us that demonstrated the power of Christ and his love reflected through the lives of Christians longing to help people trapped by the enemy.


Our friend Haji and his wife had fled Afghanistan after being targeted by the Taliban for working on behalf of the American military. When they arrived in the United States, they were met with a refugee organization and churches who helped them get established in their new country. When the Taliban captured Afghanistan, we learned that Haji’s family was still trapped in that country and were being targeted because Amina, Haji’s sister, was a women’s advocate for the former Afghani government. She had received several death threats, and if she were found, the Taliban would certainly take her life.


One of Haji’s American friends named Doug, began to pray to Jesus and seek ways to rescue them. He contacted a friend who knew a friend who knew a friend who was rescuing Afghanis and bringing them into another country with safe housing. Doug reached out to many friends to collect thousands of dollars to pay for the rescue. The night came when the family was to flee. But when the knock came to their door, they stood in fear at the sight of Taliban flags waving on the black car that had arrived to take them away. The people who came said nothing but to come with them into the car. They neither identified themselves nor told the family where they were going. The family was full of fear that they had been discovered and had no idea what would happen next.


Once the car passed the Afghani borders safely, the men revealed who they were: They were rescuing the family and bringing them into a new country where they could be safe. Yet, the journey was difficult. When the family arrived in their new country, they had to wait for more rescuer to pick them up and take them to their new home. There was nowhere to sleep but in the streets. The rescue team finally arrived, but when the family arrived in their new home, they had no legal rights to work, make a living for themselves, or even go to school. Housing was expensive, yet again Jesus provided through the love and support of the American churches. Hearing of their situation, Doug took much time to find a pathway for the family to move out of this country into Canada and gathered even more funds to cover the legal and processing fees. Many prayers were answered, and God made a way where there was no way. The family now resides safely in Canada and have been given full rights to work and go to school. Doug was able to present the story to his church and invited his Afghani friends to share their testimony. In turn, they heard the Gospel and saw this message in action through the love and faith of believers.


Praise Jesus for making a beautiful path for this family to live in peace. We continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to move among believers to help more and more Afghani people find support and peace during this time of tremendous suffering in Afghanistan.


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