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Muslim husband and wife are healed

Updated: Jan 23

In 1979, Muhammed was living in the Middle East and had a career in electronics. At age fifteen, he was Muslim but had stopped believing in God. One day he said to God, “If you exist, show me yourself. I want to meet you.” An avid reader, Muhammed was one day searching for books in the marketplace. At the bottom of a pile, he found a very thin book that caught his attention. As he began reading, he thought, “This book is speaking the truth! This book is from God!” That book was the book of Matthew. He had thought Jesus was only a prophet, but after reading Matthew, he believed that Jesus was indeed the Son of God.


Muhammed was baptized and began serving at a local church and was being persecuted by both friends and the government. He shared his faith with his family, and his wife was fired from her job. He was even charged ten times the normal amount due for his taxes! Someone hired a man to attack Muhammed, and the man stabbed him seven times with a hunting knife in the stomach. Muhammed lay in the hospital for six hours, but it was a holiday. There was no doctor and only first aid supplies to stop the bleeding.


While Muhammed lay still, he saw Jesus. “Have you come for me?” Muhammad asked him. Jesus looked at him with love, “No, I have more for you to do.” Then the image disappeared. When the doctors finally arrived and took Muhammed into surgery, they could find nothing wrong with his body. All of his inside organs were healed!


Muhammad had been trying to convince his wife to become a follower of Jesus, but each time she refused. Even after they prayed many times and reached out to her with love and the Gospel, still no response. Then his wife became ill. Her kidneys were failing, but after the prayers of faithful believers, she too was healed and finally believed. Praise the Lord for his goodness to us and how he answers us when we call!

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