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Muslim woman believes after being healed of cancer

Updated: Jan 23

I was sitting in a class at my church that was teaching me about sharing the Gospel with Muslims. I was intently engaged and excited about what I was learning! During the middle of class, I receive a text from my Iranian friend Esther about her Persian friend Zohreh. Zohreh had just learned that she had cancer and was asking for prayers. Esther told her about me and Zohreh asked Esther to connect us so that I could come and pray for her.


The next day I went to Zohreh’s house and learned all about her condition and her life’s story. I prayed for her and shared the Gospel with her. Zohreh was very grateful for my prayers and seemed spiritually interested but was not ready to study the Bible together or come to church. I reached out a few times after that day, but she did not connect very deeply after that, only through text.


A year later, I hosted a class based on the Christian book, “How Successful Women Think Differently.” Esther was excited about my class and invited Zohreh. Zohreh came and shared her full testimony. She said that after I had prayed for her, another Christian friend gave her a Bible. Zohreh believed that this must have come from God, so she began reading the Bible. She fell in love with Jesus, saw how he healed her after going through chemotherapy, and became a follower of Jesus. She came our class to testify to the goodness of God and the power of the Gospel!


Praise Jesus for his love. He heals our body and our hearts!


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