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Ukrainian family’s miraculous escape

Updated: Jan 23

When the war between Russia and Ukraine broke out, we immediately reached out to our Ukrainians TalkEnglish students to see if they were safe. After a couple of weeks, we realized how desperately they needed spiritual support. With the Lord’s direction, we created a weekly Grieving through the Gospel Bible study and a prayer time devoted to Ukraine. We met for almost the entire year, and during this time, we witnessed an amazing miracle of a Ukrainian family related to one of the members of our group.


Yevhen asked for prayers for his cousin and family who were trapped in a city under Russian occupation. The situation was quite dangerous, and the roads were blocked with several Russian checkpoints. Yevhen’s cousin wanted to escape, but the situation seemed impossible. The Ukrainians confessed later that they did not have faith that anything could be done because at every check point, the man and his family would be questioned, searched, and blocked from leaving the city. As Americans, we were not aware of the dangers, so we simply encouraged everyone to pray.


A short time went by, and Yevhen brought the news to our group. Miraculously, a man had donated a car to Yevhen’s cousin so that they could drive out of the city. Yevhen’s cousin, his wife, and two young children packed their bags and began their journey. Their plan was to escape to the house of their parents in another region inside Ukraine. At the first checkpoint, they were questioned and searched: Are you loyal to Russia? Are you going to become Russian? Where are you going? Why are you leaving the city? They replied that the children had not seen their grandparents in a long time, and they wanted to see them. But they would return. The military checked their papers, and let them pass. Through five other check points, the same thing happened, and after the sixth checkpoint, the family was free!


This story increased the faith of the Ukrainian believers in our group, and they praised God for his faithfulness and goodness to hear our prayers!



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